About our driving school

Start your driving lessons by choosing a driving instructor that provides you with the greatest opportunity for passing your driving test first time and ensuring you have the skills and knowledge to be a safe responsible driver.

All of our instructors:

  • are DVSA Approved Driving Instructors
  • have agreed to adhere to the DVSA voluntary ADI Code of Practice
  • provide written terms and conditions
  • are well presented with modern training vehicles
  • provide you with a progress log book, access to online theory training, supporting work sheets and guidance for private practice


Our learning to Drive Curriculum

Learning to drive will be one of the most satisfying and challenging things you will ever do. At first it seems deceptively simple. Then the complexities start to unfold as you begin to discover the many physical, perceptual and mental demands involved.

Every lesson we will aim to build your skills, maximise the time you spend driving and gaining quality experience.  We have developed four modules within our curriculum.

1. Basic Vehicle Control

2. Simple Traffic Situations

3. Complex Traffic Situations

4. Responsible Driving

At the end of each module you will complete a practical driving assessment with your driving instructor, similar to a mock driving test and receive clear written feedback on your performance.

You will receive a Certificate of Achievement awarded for each module you will always know where you are in the process of learning to drive and your progress towards passing your driving test first time.

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